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Before & After Look at A Bathroom Renovation
Here is a recent renovation we did of an ensuite bathroom. The homeowner's main concerns were: 
  •  Old outdated tub & surround
  •  Toilet that had hard water stains
  •  Worn counter top & sink
This renovation took about 1.5 Days from tear down to completion. Take a look at the before and after photos below.
Bathtub & Surround (Before)
  •  Old tub was shallow, not great for baths
  •  Faucet and hardware were aged & worn 
  •  The tile surround had a 90's floral pattern and there were stains where the tub met the tile
Sink & Countertop (Before)
  •  Sink and countertop were suffering from wear and discolouration
  •  Mild rusting of the drain and the seal around the sink 
Toilet (Before)
  •  Years of hard water, resulting in the unsightly staining
Bathtub & Surround (After)
  • New bathtub is significantly deeper, with a slight slope to the back to allow you to sink fully into relaxation
  • New surround benefits from a groutless acrylic surface. Provides  same clean appearance of white subway tile. 
  •  New faucet is a lovely oiled bronze, the same as the existing sink faucet
Sink & Countertop (After)
  • Beautiful drop in sink
  • Marble-esque counter top and squared back splash
  •  Oiled bronze faucet, matching bathtub faucet
Toilet (After)
  • Dual flush handle allows for water conservation
  • Soft close lid, no more toilet seat slamming!
  •  Seat & lid have quick release to clean under seat
Cost for a renovation like this will range in the $5000 - $6000 range depending on the style of tub, toilet, surround and sink.
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