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Luxuries bathroom Design

A dream bathroom vrs reality

There’s often a division between the bathroom of your dreams and the reality of what you presently have ,but it doesn’t have to remain that way. With a little imagination and a few creative basics, you can achieve the look you want at an affordable price, easier than you might think.
In design , there is never just one way to do things, there’s only the way that’s right for you.Finding it isn’t hard.Just trust your tastes and follow your instincts.Be creative in our choices of the little things ,and keep in mind that it doesn’t  take much to make a dramatic change in a bathroom. From the smallest powder room to the largest ensuite , every space offers individual opportunities for style.Updating a bathroom is as much a process of planning as of decorating.The fact hat your space maybe limited can be an advantage because it means that even the smallest details will go a long way.


I love Home shows, I especially love the  ones held in March because  it makes me think Spring is on its way.
I enjoy  seeing and visiting all those different booths filled with professional exhibitors offering all the latest products to help give me ideas of what I can do within my home and of course my limited budget.
Visiting a home show is really a fantastic idea place to visit before you move forward in any bathroom remodeling. It is filled with knowledgeable professionals in all areas of home remodeling and bathroom renovation.
In regards to bathroom remodeling, you be able to see the newest shapes in bathroom basins, designer faucets that make a statement, tiles you’ve only dreamed of and loads of new eco -friendly bathroom products and ideas to save you water and energy.

So go ahead plan your perfect bathroom at the Show. There’s no better place to compare the best products on the market and take advantage of great show specials.The Ideal Home show is coming to the Halifax, Forum March 2-4th . Yours truly will be there so pop by my beautiful baths booth to say hello and let me help you create the bathroom of your dreams.

Beautiful Luxurious Bathroom Design Features

Does your Bathroom inspire you?  Do you wish your Bathroom made you feel pampered, similar to that feeling you experience at high end hotels?

 Beautiful Baths remodeling of Dartmouth, NS   believes that you deserve to feel that wonderful everyday but, in your own home. It is be easier than you think to transform your 70’s Bathroom into a  Bathroom Spa Oasis.

Beautiful Baths offers 108 Bathroom Design color choices and are always keeping up with Bathroom Design trends while still keeping things affordable. Let us help you design the Beautiful Spa Bathroom of your dreams or, if you are a skilled trades person you can follow some of my tips for adding some luxury to your bathroom yourself.

1. Heated Floors. Do consider investing in, having In-floor Radiant Heat installed under your Bathroom floor tiles. It’s really easy to do, inexpensive and your feet will love you for it especially in the cold winter months here in NS.

2.  Install An Electric Bath Towel Warmer.  These can simply plug in , be wired in or you can purchase one with a built in timer .Nothing feels more luxurious than wrapping oneself in a heated towel or bathrobe when stepping out of the bath or shower.

3. Install A New Bathtub.  If you are a person who values a nice soak after an exhausting day at work but have one of those older style 12-14”  steel enameled bathtubs then consider investing in  a new Soaker Tub . Today’s Soaker Tubs  offer a deep 21” or more for a truly relaxing soak, with a beautiful sloped back and arm rests for comfort. For a true spa experience and if your budget allows , you may wish to consider the additional options such as , adding air jets, water jets, a heated back rest, wave features or Chromotherapy (color light) therapy. Basically the sky’s the limit in Beautiful Baths design.




4. Install A Steam or Jet Shower.  Are you a shower person? Create a home spa with a steam unit.  Beautiful Baths Remodeling offers a variety of sizes custom designed to fit perfectly especially in your chosen space.  Also, there are many luxurious shower heads that can make you feel as though you are showing in the tropical rain forest with heat, steam or water pulsating on you from every angle.  Adjustable height requirements within a family can be met with adding an adjustable sliding bar so you all can enjoy a luxurious shower. If you decide to install a shower and Bath tub combination then be sure to install a simple take down hand-held shower head.. This comes in very handy rinsing children’s hair when bathing as well as bathtub cleaning.

5. Toilet and Bidets. Nothing says Luxury like a beautiful European Bidet or sleek looking toiletBeautiful Baths offers many beautiful sleek, easy to clean, right height, wheel chair accessible, eco –friendly toilets as well as, Bidets. You can also create a true luxurious feeling by adding a heated toilet seat, automatic flush system and internal washing system and a self closing toilet seat.

 6. Lighting. Consider both aesthetics as well as, functionality .You will need brighter lighting over the sink and mirror areas for applying makeup or shaving. A ceiling light over the shower or bathtub is nice especially if you opt for a bathtub and shower area with a roof cap that can be dark and claustrophobic feeling or maybe you like to read while enjoying a nice soak .Ceiling fixtures or wall sconces give great overall light and if you add dimmer switches you can add ambiance similar to candlelight.

 7. Vanities. Vanities are becoming more of a focal point in nicely designed luxurious bathrooms. The color and styles choices are endless .Popular ones for a spa feel are often open shelved style or custom made ones for corners or odd angels to maximize space. Many people are remodeling furniture pieces to accommodate a sink or two.. Beautiful baths remodeling of Dartmouth works with master cabinet makers to design the cabinet to best suit your space and needs.

8. Beautiful Bathroom Mirrors. Mirrors can add drama; create openness and space as well as, provide functionality. A piece of simple wood moulding painted and glued together can frame a mirror beautifully.  For real Luxury you can purchase Beautiful Bathroom Fogless Mirrors-.Fogless mirrors help prevent the fog created by steam hitting the mirror. It is a great luxury for the daily routine of getting ready for work.

9. Entertainment in the Bathroom- Televisions and radios are now making their way into Beautiful Baths. The technology is even there to build the TV into the mirror so that it can only be seen when the TV is on. This is a great feature to add to a bathroom once soaking in the bathtub.

10. Finishing touches: The overall feel of luxury is tied into the finishing touches. Add a splash of wall color, repair wall and baseboard nicks and select finishing touches like a new curved crescent shower rod by beautiful baths , a shower curtain and fresh luxurious towel sets .

Also, do not forget to think about what style and finish of sink faucets, bath and shower faucets, towel racks, grab bars, and cabinet knobs you want to use. The large variety of finishes available from Beautiful Baths Remodeling includes a modern looks white,  nickel, polished stainless steel, brushed stainless steel, chrome, and old world looks in copper, brass , bronze and rubbed oil bronze. It’s important that everything flows nicely.

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job very well done, thank you

M Hiltz , Lower Sackville

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