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A dream bathroom vrs reality

There’s often a division between the bathroom of your dreams and the reality of what you presently have ,but it doesn’t have to remain that way. With a little imagination and a few creative basics, you can achieve the look you want at an affordable price, easier than you might think.
In design , there is never just one way to do things, there’s only the way that’s right for you.Finding it isn’t hard.Just trust your tastes and follow your instincts.Be creative in our choices of the little things ,and keep in mind that it doesn’t  take much to make a dramatic change in a bathroom. From the smallest powder room to the largest ensuite , every space offers individual opportunities for style.Updating a bathroom is as much a process of planning as of decorating.The fact hat your space maybe limited can be an advantage because it means that even the smallest details will go a long way.

Don’t trust the under the table bathroom renovator

Always trust a professional to do your bathroom renovation.At Beautiful baths our Installers are often called to  rescue customers who have fallen victim to an underground contractor. In this terrible situation,the so -called  installers (usually doing business from their trucks with a cel phone , without credentials  or a business address  provide their services on a cash-only, no-paperwork basis. While the initial price may seem like a bargain, the stress and additional expenses of a poorly installed job far outweigh any apparent savings.

Paying strictly in cash with no written agreement can pose a number of significant risks to homeowners. According to a recent report prepared for the Ontario Home Builders’ Association (OHBA), these include:The contractor may charge fees for work the homeowner didn’t agree to.
The homeowner has no means to back up his/her claims in court should a dispute arise after the work is completed.
The contractor may not be insured properly, which means his insurance policy might not cover damage to the home – or that of a neighbor.
The contractor may not follow building codes or municipal regulations.
The homeowner will be responsible for paying any additional costs necessary to bring the equipment installation up to the correct standards.
If there is an injury on the job, the homeowner could be held personally liable for medical or rehabilitation costs.

According to OHBA policy and communications manager Norma Kimmins in the Hamilton Spectator, January 18, 2011, “The consequences of paying cash under-the-table can be dire for homeowners. Consumers often do not have any legal recourse and could be subject to significant liability if an accident happens within the home. Illegal renovations introduce health and safety risks to construction workers and the homeowners who hire them.”


There are two common reasons why some BATHROOM RENOVATION projects get “out of control”:
•Many home owners accept a BATHROOM RENOVATORS estimate without checking out the BATHROOM RENOVATORS “track record” first. This process involves a few simple steps to determine if the BATHROOM RENOVATOR has both the skills and experience needed and a history of satisfied customers. Making sure that a BATHROOM RENOVATOR r consistently delivers professional results to customers is the best way to avoid hiring someone who “seems like a nice guy” but turns out to be the wrong person for the job. Contact the BBB and ask for references from previously satisfied customers.
BEAUTIFUL-BATHS has a A+ rating and all our BATHROOM INSTALLERS are factory trained.

• Often home owners, hoping to save money, hire non-professionals or a local handy man who offers to do the work without a contract, at a lower price, or to “forget the HST” if paid in cash. Not surprisingly, individuals who operate this way frequently short change customers by delivering shoddy or incomplete work and no warranty. And without a written contract, there’s not much the home owners can do about it. Get everything in writing for your protection and to eliminate miscommunication on the scope of the work to be done.
Avoiding these two mistakes will help you find the right BATHROOM RENOVATOR for your job.


I love Home shows, I especially love the  ones held in March because  it makes me think Spring is on its way.
I enjoy  seeing and visiting all those different booths filled with professional exhibitors offering all the latest products to help give me ideas of what I can do within my home and of course my limited budget.
Visiting a home show is really a fantastic idea place to visit before you move forward in any bathroom remodeling. It is filled with knowledgeable professionals in all areas of home remodeling and bathroom renovation.
In regards to bathroom remodeling, you be able to see the newest shapes in bathroom basins, designer faucets that make a statement, tiles you’ve only dreamed of and loads of new eco -friendly bathroom products and ideas to save you water and energy.

So go ahead plan your perfect bathroom at the Show. There’s no better place to compare the best products on the market and take advantage of great show specials.The Ideal Home show is coming to the Halifax, Forum March 2-4th . Yours truly will be there so pop by my beautiful baths booth to say hello and let me help you create the bathroom of your dreams.

Revitalizing an outdated bathroom on a limited budget

A bathroom is one of the places in your home that you can update and be guaranteed a good return on the money you spent. A bathroom remodel is the second most desired upgrades that home buyers look for. You will increase your home’s equity by following some simple steps to renovate a bathroom inexpensively.

Draw out a plan or dream for your bathroom that will best suit your needs.

1. You can save money by completing most of the work yourself. The largest amount of money people spend goes towards labour more than materials. If you can do the work yourself, you would be amazed at how much money you would save. If you are not a handy person, know when to hire. Knowing how to avoid the pipes and electrical wiring when demolishing your bathroom is important to avoid accidents and damages that could add to the cost later. Also, if you do not know how to measure accurately for things to fit properly , do not want all the leg work of shopping around for needed supplies, do not know how to do the plumbing and electrical, hire an expert. You may pay but you will be sure that the work will be done correctly. You will save more in the long run if you have been diligent in checking out references and the Better Business Bureau. Get everything in writing. Make sure they do not subcontract so you know who you are actually dealing with.

3. If you are doing the job yourself you can buy materials directly and shop around for best prices. Remember if you will be tiling, you must purchase a little bit of extra tiles for future repairs, especially if you are buying styles that could be discontinued someday. Discontinued tiles are priced lower since they will no longer be available; just make sure to buy an extra box or two for future needs.

4. Paint your bathroom walls a neutral color, add some accessories such as white fluffy towels, change out cabinetry knobs, towel racks ect; Re-use existing cabinets, toilets, bathtubs and shower doors if they are still in good condition. You can refurbish or refinish them to make them look good again. Do not buy a new mirror if your existing one still works, you can frame it to make it look attractive.

5. Go to yard sales, check out road side Spring clean up events, check online deals through e-bay or Kijiji websites to locate pieces that you can use for your bathroom renovation. For example, claw foot tubs are inexpensive when you buy them at yard sales as opposed to going to antique dealers or to a store that has already restored them. You can also use an old dresser or chest of drawers that you can turn into a sink by drilling holes for your fixtures and plumbing. They would look better than those manufactured cabinets you see at home improvement stores.

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excellent! Thanks for the superior service

J Pacheco, Halifax, spring 2010 new soaker tub, Ceramic tiles, & faucets)

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