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The Top 10 Ways To Easily Unlock Hidden Value In Your Home’s Old Bathroom

A bathroom renovation is one of the best ways to add value to your home. If you are looking to sell your home, next to the kitchen, the bathroom is one of the most important places where potential buyers will look for value. And even if you are not thinking about selling your home, updating your bath is just a great way to improve your quality of life. After all, where do you begin and end your day? Not everything you do to your bathroom will add value, so you have to be choosy. With that in mind, here are some updates you can make to your bathroom to add some real value to your home and to your life.

Classic is Classy

No matter what your style, if you can go for a classic design, your bathroom will retain its value much, much longer. How often do you plan on renovating your bath? If you get something that is too trendy or specific, it may be out of style before you are even done renovating. Go for a simple, classic design. It will still be appealing years down the road.

Stick With a Neutral Palette

You may love the colour red, but looking at a red shower every day may get to be a bit much even for the most ardent connoisseur of colour. A better way to go is to design your bathroom with a neutral colour palette. Earth-inspired tones will feel more harmonious not only for you but for potential buyers if you are interested in selling. And if you need bright colours, buy towels or a shower curtain that satisfies your craving. It is so much easier to replace a shower curtain when you are tired of looking at it than it is to re-tile your bathroom every time your mood changes. 

Think Style & design the will hold appeal over time to multiple buyers

Additional Sink Space

It is entirely likely you do not have your own personal bathroom. Chances are that you share that bath with one or more family members. If you only have one sink in your bathroom currently, how much would adding a second sink speed up the morning routine? If you can manage the space, adding a double vanity sink will not only give you more space but will give you more value. Two people can brush their teeth or their hair at the same time. 

Additional Storage Space

If you do add that double vanity in place of the single you used to have, you will be doubling your under-sink storage space. But the vanity is not the only place where you can add storage. You can always find somewhere to add shelving whether in a corner or on a wall. And if you are lucky enough to have a storage closet in the bathroom, it may benefit from a little updating as well. Things such as drawers, bins and storage racks can improve the storage capacity of any space whether under the sink or in the closet.

Light It Up

Not only can upgrading your lighting fixtures add a touch of class to your décor but adding more light can make the space appear larger. You can add recessed lighting overhead, sconces or new fixtures around mirrors. For fixtures that can be seen, make sure that they fit into your overall design scheme. Do not be afraid to pay for a nicer fixture. It does not cost that much more but can really add to your bathroom's appeal.

Functional upgrades like storage, and lighting are great option to add value to any space.


Not only is a shower head about look, it is also about feel. A good shower head is worth the investment. A shower head with a “rain” setting can feel like a luxury. There are also low flow shower heads that help to conserve water. If you are worried about your water bill, consider an eco-friendly shower head for your bath. Take careful stock of your options before choosing. 


Faucets are fixtures that contribute to the overall aesthetic of your bathroom as much as the lighting fixtures. Your faucets should be sealed and watertight. A leaky faucet will turn off homeowners as much as potential buyers. You should also look for a visually pleasing faucet. Chrome and shiny finishes are difficult to keep shiny looking. Brushed nickel and tarnished copper are beautiful and easier to care for as they do not show fingerprints.

Tiles, Tiles Everywhere

Tile is a great way to maintain visual interest and give your bath a sturdy, easy-to-clean finish. You can have larger tiles on the floor and penny tiles in the shower. You can create patterns, add decorative pieces among plain tiles, use ceramic or marble tile or do any number of things. Tile can give your bath a high-end feel without breaking the bank. 

Paint: A Little Can Go a Long Way

If you do not have much to put into renovations, paint is a simple way to make a radical change without breaking the bank. You can change the colours of the walls. Can't afford new cabinets? Paint can allow you to freshen up cabinets or the vanity, making old things new again. Paint your bathroom a lighter shade to make the space look bigger and give it an airy feel. 

Small details make a big difference in your bathroom renovation.


Like faucets, hardware such as door knobs and drawer pulls can do a lot to add to the overall aesthetic of the space. Paired with a little paint, it can be a low-cost way to make an old vanity new again. Paint your vanity with a glossy finish paint and then add new pulls to the drawers and doors to give your bathroom a completely new vanity at a minimum of expense.

Homeowners who renovate their bathrooms are estimated to receive a 75% return on their investment when they sell their homes. Renovating your bath can make the improve your home's appeal to potential buyers. If you want to add value to your home, both for yourself now, and potential buyers in the future don’t hesitate to book your free in-home consultation where we can work with you to design your dream bathroom. 

Has Your Throne Lost Its Luster?

There is a lot of attention devoted to what we call the wet area of the bathroom. This is the bathing area;  whether it’s a bathtub, shower, or combination of both, we certainly spend lots of time talking about it. It’s an important part of any bathroom for sure, the world would smell a lot worse for the wear without them. But today we are looking at a bathroom fixture that changed the world as we know it. An innovation so game-changing that lack of access to it is still negatively impacting large portions of the developing world. This amazing development is, of course, the toilet.

Yes, the source of so much grade school humour and so-called “impolite” conversation, has had a revolutionary impact on the modern world. The toilet as we know has only been in use since the late 19th century, but there have been countless iterations throughout all of human history, many of which are still in use the world over. This topic can make for an interesting read the next time you are in for a long sit (maybe you are there right now).

But we won’t be diving into the messy history of toilets, sorry for the imagery, we are going to talk about your modern toilet. Specifically what to do when it isn’t feeling quite so modern anymore.  

Like any appliance or home fixture, no matter how current and chic it was at the time of purchase, give it twenty years and it will look more and more out of place as your home’s style and decor changes around it. This can start to cause reluctance to show off your home to guests and even cause you to hate going into the bathroom, something that just can’t be avoided (at least not for very long).

So when should you replace your old toilet? 

You Can’t Stand The Can

It may seem vain or superficial, but when you are dealing with something that you have to interact with daily, appearances matter. Having an old toilet that has persisted as the bathroom has changed around it can be an eyesore that can cause a level of stress every time you retreat into what should be a home’s sanctuary. Sometimes it’s the mint green porcelain that just hasn’t aged well into the 21st century, or maybe it’s the wooden seat and lid that you just never feel come quite as clean as you want.

The surface of even the most beautiful toilet will become worn over years of regular scrubbing. This can lead to scuffing and staining that can cause it to never really look clean. Not to mention hard water stains that can leave nasty streaks through the bowl. Not the best look for your guests or yourself.

Not Enough Flow To Your Flush

Any toilet can become clogged, whether through normal use or maybe a curious little mind wanted to see if a full roll of toilet paper could be sent spiralling down that mysterious hole. But if your toilet is aged and clogging more often that you would expect, that a big problem.

A clogged toilet could be the result of a plumbing issue further along the journey from the toilet to the sewer or septic, but backups can happen closer to the source in an old toilet. Unless you like plunging and splashing, you may want to replace it.  

Does your old toilet clog constantly?
Might be time to replace it. 

Too Much Flow To Your Flush

Older toilets weren’t made with water conservation in mind. Today we better understand the danger in needlessly wasting a precious resource so often taken for granted. Today’s toilets use as little as half the amount of water per flush as their antiquated counterparts. Many come with the option of a dual flush handle. A lower flow flush for liquid waste and a higher flow flush for solid waste.

Not only does this have a lasting benefit to our community’s infrastructure and the long-term conservation effort for future generations, it saves you money on your water bill. It’s a win-win situation.

Old toilets use more water than needed.

Swap it out for a more water efficient model

Your Toilet Is More Repair Than Reprise

If your toilet is always in need of repairs; a broken chain, a loose seat, a torn flapper, then it might be worth your while to replace the whole thing and not have to worry about all the little pieces.

Most concerning though is if you notice a crack in the porcelain. Even the smallest crack could be causing an unnoticed but damaging leak. And worse still, that tiny split could spread in an instant resulting in a sudden flood of hopefully unused toilet water. If you notice a crack of any kind it’s a good idea to replace your toilet as soon as you can.

An old toilet that always need repairing might not be worth hanging on to.

If you feel like your toilet is ready for retirement, and you would like to get a new one as part of your bathroom renovation give us a call or book an in-home or showroom appointment online. Some people tell us we’ve got potty mouths, I think they mean we can talk toilets all day.

Acrylic Liners Vs Replacement: How You Could End Up Paying More For Less

The alarm goes off. You lay bleary-eyed from another sleepless night staring into the darkness. No sunlight creeps through the curtains. It won’t rise for hours on this cold winter morning. You linger here, the blaring alarm seems distant as though it were only the last fading wisps of a dream. You know you should rise, but you are lost amid your own gnawing thoughts. Against all reason, you cannot bring yourself to leave the bed, not while it is so close. It is waiting just steps away, at the end of the hall, in the next room, maybe behind that closed door in your bedroom. Lurking just out of sight.

Steeling yourself you rise, taking measured deliberate steps toward the source of your anxieties. You stop outside of the doorway, unable to yet cross the threshold. Bracing one hand on the door you draw a deep breathe as though submerging into endless depths. Pushing it open the familiar shadowed outlines come into view. You wish that you could go about this affair in darkness but you know too well that it cannot be. Flipping the switch, the full scope of horrors comes to life!

Yellowed linoleum races toward your feet, threatening to crawl up your legs covering you with it's faded surface. The corners of aged wallpaper reach down in tattered wisps. The once bright floral pattern faded into the dusty hue of an unkempt lot of an abandoned home. The toilets furred lid sits open, gaping like the rust-streaked maw of some porcelain creature. But undeniable amidst all the rest, like a terrible crowning jewel from a darker age, the tub lies waiting for you. Its quarters are cramped and stifling. It’s colour a historical record, achievable without lead paint. Every surface mildewed and worn. Beckoning you forward you know you must obey.  

Sounds familiar? Might be time for a renovation.

There must be a better way.

Rest easy my friends, this story does not have to suffer a bitter ending. There are options to make that old depressing bathroom beautiful again. If you are unhappy with your bathroom, and particularly with your tub or shower, you might be thinking that the quick and easy solution is to pop an acrylic liner over the old tub. Out of sight, out of mind. While there is no denying that this is an effective solution, you might be putting more out of mind than you know.

Acrylic liners are a suitable solution if you are satisfied with the size and depth of your current tub, as they are custom made to fit the dimensions of the existing tub. They will allow you to choose any colour and style but the aesthetic limitations are not the real cause for concern. If your bathroom looks anything like the one described above then it’s safe to assume your home wasn’t built yesterday, and in a older home you might be covering up more than an ugly tub with that liner.  

Acrylic liners provide a convenient solution to an ugly tub. But are they right for you?

What Lies Beneath.

Like anything, plumbing does not last forever. Over the years, pipes can become blocked, seals will deteriorate, valves no longer hold under pressure. This is the unfortunate reality and all things in the home will require maintenance and repair on occasion. However, the plumbing in your bathroom is often not easily accessible, and should it require attention, consider yourself lucky if you can get away with an unsightly hole in your wall. Many times the entire tub will have to be removed to get at the troublesome area. This is not the idle scenario to face with torrents of water rushing out into the hallway. 

If you don’t want to reenact your favourite scene from The Shining then may we recommend that when you decide to update your bathroom, you opt to replace the old tub with a shiny new one. The cost is only a marginal difference and a full replacement can often be completed in one day. Not only will a new tub or shower offer you the full suite of choices for customization of style and sizing, but we will get to take a look at the structures underneath. 

During a tub replacement we can inspect plumbing & the surround floor & walls for existing or potential issues.

Approaching Problems, Hidden Costs

When we pull out an old tub you truly never know what you are going to find. Thankfully most times all is well. However just about anything could be waiting underneath. Rotten floorboards, corroded copper pipes, busted flanges, improper repairs from the previous owners just barely hanging on, it’s a grab bag of potential issues under there.

But when we get to see underneath we know we aren’t going to find anything that we can’t handle. We know bathrooms floor to ceiling, so whatever the problem we’ve got the solution. With the old tub removed it’s the best time to check for issues that might arise down the road. No point in having a custom liner installed over a tub that falls through the floor a month later because you didn't know that over the years a small leak had rotted the floorboards.

Don't get hit with an unexpected, costly repair.
Catch problems before they happen.

If you are thinking about a new tub or shower please don’t hesitate to book an in-home assessment with us. It’s no cost to you and you won’t be pressured to buy. But you will get our expert opinion on the state of your bathroom.

If you want to know more, grab a copy of the Bathroom Renovation Guide. It’s a free eBook that has everything you need to know about bathroom renovations before you get started.

Let’s make your bath beautiful together.

A Before & After Look At A Halifax Bathroom Renovation

Here is a recent renovation we did of an ensuite bathroom. Our client's main concerns were the old dated bathtub and surround, the toilet that had succumbed to hard water stains, and the worn countertop and sink.

This job took about a day and a half from tear out to clean up. This included a full replacement of the wet area and installation of new fixtures and counters. Let’s take a look at each of these areas and see how they looked before and after.

Bathtub & Surround (Before)

The old bathtub and surround were functional, but left a certain something to be desired. The tub itself was in decent condition but was fairly shallow and not the relaxing sanctuary to melt away your troubles that it should be. Matching the substance without style found in the tub, are the faucet and handle. Both in full working order but lacking that visual appeal.

The surround showed its age the most in the patterned tile with the unmistakable floral emblems. A remnant of the 1990’s and a stark reminder of the style atrocities that occurred at the end of the 20th century. Less charming is the mould growth on the grout and caulking, this is nearly inevitable in such a humid environment and difficult to remove once it has taken hold. 

Bathtub & Surround 

Shallow tub

Grout & caulking moulded

Sink & Countertop (Before)

The existing sink and countertop were both suffering heavily from wear and discolouration. These are common issues that eventually befall laminate and porcelain alike. Here we can see mild rusting of the drain and the seal around the sink.

We did find that the faucet assembly was a recent addition and was going to be to reinstalled in the new sink. 

Sink & Countertop

Worn & Discoloured

Rusting around the drain

Toilet (Before)

The toilet was the biggest point of contention in the bathroom. It had suffered from years of hard water, resulting in the unsightly staining we can see here. Once the inner surface of the toilet has degraded to this state, most times the only solution is replacement. 


Stubborn hard water stains

Bathtub & Surround (After)

You would be hard-pressed to know this was the same space had it not been laid out for you. With a complete replacement, we can see a stunning transformation of the tub and surround. The new bathtub is significantly deeper, with a slight slope to the back to allow you to sink fully into relaxation without sacrificing space. Also, you can see the ledges set in the sides of the tub that allow you to rest your arms without having to remove them from the water.

The new surround benefits from a groutless acrylic surface that gives you the same clean appearance of white subway tile without the hassle and extended drying time that comes with installing ceramic tile. The built-in shelving gives you a place to store bath products that isn’t the ledge of the tub. An often overlooked benefit of this is that water can become trapped along the edge, creating an opportune spot for mould to grow.

The new faucet is a lovely oiled bronze, the same as the existing sink faucet. Creating a sense of cohesion that pulls the overall feel of the bathroom together into a welcoming retreat rather than the utilitarian necessity it was.   

Bathtub & Surround 

Deep soaker tub

Groutless acrylic surround 

Sink & Countertop (After)

The faucet assembly feels much more in line with the elegance brought by the new marble-esque countertop and polished touch the squared backsplash adds. The real star though is the drop-in

sink. In addition to creating a beautiful smooth appearance, this feature makes cleaning the countertop so easy. No more worrying about build up on the seal between the sink and countertop. 

Sink & Counter 

Deep soaker tub

Groutless acrylic surround 

Toilet (After)

A fresh new toilet is always a welcome addition to any bathroom, and this one is certainly no exception. Aside from the obvious bright, clean look this toilet totes a few extra features. The dual flush handle allows for water conservation, and the soft close lid prevents any chance of the lid or bowl becoming damaged from slamming shut.

Most interestingly the lip and seat section attaches to the back of the bowl with a set of quick release clips that pop in and out easily for cleaning.   


Seat & lid unclip for easy cleaning

Dual flush control

If you would like to see a transformation like this in your own bathroom, please book an in-home estimate so we can discuss what we can do for you.

No matter what the current state of your bathroom is, or what your renovation budget might be we will work together to find a solution to make your bath beautiful again. 

3 Ways To Beautify Your Drab Halifax Bathroom

At Beautiful Baths we believe that every bathroom is beautiful.

But we know that there can be a lot of pressure for homeowners to have a bathroom that conforms to “conventional beauty standards”. So if you want your bathroom to look and feel as beautiful as you know it is, we can help.

There’s lots of options available to you to bring out your bathroom’s inner beauty. Let’s take a closer look at the three main types of renovations that we can do for your tub or shower, and surround, what we can “the wet area”.The type of renovation that will be best for the wet area of your bathroom depends on what sort of changes you would like to see.


Refinishing, resurfacing, or reglazing are all names for a quick and easy process that can return a damaged, or dingy tub to a condition just like new. We use a technique developed by tub refinishing innovators, Kott Koatings, that is free of harmful chemicals or acid etching. Make sure that if you choose to refinish your tub that your contractor does not use these sorts of substances as many have been found to be carcinogenic(cancer causing).

Refinishing can be applied to area part of the wet area, tub, shower, surround, tile, or even sinks. So if you are happy with the overall shape and style of the wet area, but perhaps it isn’t in the best condition due to hard water stains or a damaged surface, or maybe the old colour isn’t jiving with your new modern aesthetic, you might consider refinishing to give it an updated look and feel.

Refinishing is also a great way to freshen up your bathroom on a budget. Take a look at some of our refinishing projects in our gallery.

Refinishing Key Points?

Most economical option

Shape and style cannot be changed

Acrylic Liners

This is a more well known option to most of us, but if you are unfamiliar the idea is simple. A new acrylic liner, and sometimes surround is custom made to fit the dimensions of the existing tub and fitted right overtop.  

We’ve all seen it offered by most bathroom contractors, and it’s easy to see why. What could be easier than slipping a brand new beautiful tub over that old unflattering set up? Well it certainly is an easy solution to get a new tub quickly with installation in just one day.

Our acrylic liners are custom made to fit perfectly over the existing wet area, and come with a lifetime warranty. Our liners can be made in many different colours and a variety of styles. However with an acrylic liner you will not be able to gain any depth, as you are limited to the exact dimensions of your current bathtub.

So if you want the feel of a luxurious soaker tub, or maybe you are looking for something more accessible, you aren’t out of luck just yet.   

Acrylic Liner Key Points

Custom made to fit your existing tub or shower

Shape and style cannot be changed


This is our most requested renovation as it allows the most flexibility as to what can be achieved for the look, and function of your bathroom. When we replace the wet area of your bathroom, we remove everything and rebuild from the ground up with your vision in mind. So whatever you want to have in your new bathroom we will work with you to bring that dream to life.

If you are looking to have a larger deeper tub, because we know there’s nothing quite like lighting some candles, pouring a little wine (or a lot, we’re not here to judge) and taking a nice, long hot soak with some essential oils, and epsom salt, to ease the stress and tension of a long day. If that sounds like your kind of night, we’ve got you covered.

Maybe you aren’t the type for baths, thats okay. We can remove that old tub and replace it with a brand new shower, whether it’s a stall style to maximize space in a small bathroom or you want a spacious shower with a rainfall head, and body sprayers to take your shower experience  to the next level, we can do it all.

Replacement Key Points

Full range of customisation options

Catch potential problems before they happen

Typically a slightly higher cost than a liner

A growing concern for many homeowners is accessibility in the bathroom. If you or any members of the household have, or are developing mobility restrictions we can redesign your bathroom with ease of use in mind. We have a number of showers that have lower barrier or even barrier free entry. We can also fit the new wet area with ease of use accessories such as benches, or grab bar that are attached directly to the wall studs for added safety and security.  

This has a number of benefits aside from allowing you to get exactly the bathroom you’ve been dreaming of. When we remove the existing wet area we can inspect the condition of the surrounding walls and flooring for potential damage and replace if necessary. Most importantly though this allows us to evaluate the plumbing for leaks have happened, or might be on the horizon. This is particularly important for older homes.

When compared to installing an acrylic liner, it is only a small increase in cost to completely replace the wet area and can most often be completed in one day as well, but the true value lies in the peace of mind knowing that you aren’t sitting on top of a possibly very expensive issue underneath the tub that would require a full replacement after all.

In the end, the option that leaves you satisfied and loving your new bathroom is the one that's right for you. But if you aren’t sure we would love to give you a complimentary in home estimate, where we can go through your options together, or grab a copy of the Consumer's Guide To Bathroom Renovations a wonderful resource where can learn more about these types of renovations.

A dream bathroom vrs reality

There’s often a division between the bathroom of your dreams and the reality of what you presently have ,but it doesn’t have to remain that way. With a little imagination and a few creative basics, you can achieve the look you want at an affordable price, easier than you might think.
In design , there is never just one way to do things, there’s only the way that’s right for you.Finding it isn’t hard.Just trust your tastes and follow your instincts.Be creative in our choices of the little things ,and keep in mind that it doesn’t  take much to make a dramatic change in a bathroom. From the smallest powder room to the largest ensuite , every space offers individual opportunities for style.Updating a bathroom is as much a process of planning as of decorating.The fact hat your space maybe limited can be an advantage because it means that even the smallest details will go a long way.

Don’t trust the under the table bathroom renovator

Always trust a professional to do your bathroom renovation.At Beautiful baths our Installers are often called to  rescue customers who have fallen victim to an underground contractor. In this terrible situation,the so -called  installers (usually doing business from their trucks with a cel phone , without credentials  or a business address  provide their services on a cash-only, no-paperwork basis. While the initial price may seem like a bargain, the stress and additional expenses of a poorly installed job far outweigh any apparent savings.

Paying strictly in cash with no written agreement can pose a number of significant risks to homeowners. According to a recent report prepared for the Ontario Home Builders’ Association (OHBA), these include:The contractor may charge fees for work the homeowner didn’t agree to.
The homeowner has no means to back up his/her claims in court should a dispute arise after the work is completed.
The contractor may not be insured properly, which means his insurance policy might not cover damage to the home – or that of a neighbor.
The contractor may not follow building codes or municipal regulations.
The homeowner will be responsible for paying any additional costs necessary to bring the equipment installation up to the correct standards.
If there is an injury on the job, the homeowner could be held personally liable for medical or rehabilitation costs.

According to OHBA policy and communications manager Norma Kimmins in the Hamilton Spectator, January 18, 2011, “The consequences of paying cash under-the-table can be dire for homeowners. Consumers often do not have any legal recourse and could be subject to significant liability if an accident happens within the home. Illegal renovations introduce health and safety risks to construction workers and the homeowners who hire them.”


There are two common reasons why some BATHROOM RENOVATION projects get “out of control”:
•Many home owners accept a BATHROOM RENOVATORS estimate without checking out the BATHROOM RENOVATORS “track record” first. This process involves a few simple steps to determine if the BATHROOM RENOVATOR has both the skills and experience needed and a history of satisfied customers. Making sure that a BATHROOM RENOVATOR r consistently delivers professional results to customers is the best way to avoid hiring someone who “seems like a nice guy” but turns out to be the wrong person for the job. Contact the BBB and ask for references from previously satisfied customers.
BEAUTIFUL-BATHS has a A+ rating and all our BATHROOM INSTALLERS are factory trained.

• Often home owners, hoping to save money, hire non-professionals or a local handy man who offers to do the work without a contract, at a lower price, or to “forget the HST” if paid in cash. Not surprisingly, individuals who operate this way frequently short change customers by delivering shoddy or incomplete work and no warranty. And without a written contract, there’s not much the home owners can do about it. Get everything in writing for your protection and to eliminate miscommunication on the scope of the work to be done.
Avoiding these two mistakes will help you find the right BATHROOM RENOVATOR for your job.


I love Home shows, I especially love the  ones held in March because  it makes me think Spring is on its way.
I enjoy  seeing and visiting all those different booths filled with professional exhibitors offering all the latest products to help give me ideas of what I can do within my home and of course my limited budget.
Visiting a home show is really a fantastic idea place to visit before you move forward in any bathroom remodeling. It is filled with knowledgeable professionals in all areas of home remodeling and bathroom renovation.
In regards to bathroom remodeling, you be able to see the newest shapes in bathroom basins, designer faucets that make a statement, tiles you’ve only dreamed of and loads of new eco -friendly bathroom products and ideas to save you water and energy.

So go ahead plan your perfect bathroom at the Show. There’s no better place to compare the best products on the market and take advantage of great show specials.The Ideal Home show is coming to the Halifax, Forum March 2-4th . Yours truly will be there so pop by my beautiful baths booth to say hello and let me help you create the bathroom of your dreams.

Revitalizing an outdated bathroom on a limited budget

A bathroom is one of the places in your home that you can update and be guaranteed a good return on the money you spent. A bathroom remodel is the second most desired upgrades that home buyers look for. You will increase your home’s equity by following some simple steps to renovate a bathroom inexpensively.

Draw out a plan or dream for your bathroom that will best suit your needs.

1. You can save money by completing most of the work yourself. The largest amount of money people spend goes towards labour more than materials. If you can do the work yourself, you would be amazed at how much money you would save. If you are not a handy person, know when to hire. Knowing how to avoid the pipes and electrical wiring when demolishing your bathroom is important to avoid accidents and damages that could add to the cost later. Also, if you do not know how to measure accurately for things to fit properly , do not want all the leg work of shopping around for needed supplies, do not know how to do the plumbing and electrical, hire an expert. You may pay but you will be sure that the work will be done correctly. You will save more in the long run if you have been diligent in checking out references and the Better Business Bureau. Get everything in writing. Make sure they do not subcontract so you know who you are actually dealing with.

3. If you are doing the job yourself you can buy materials directly and shop around for best prices. Remember if you will be tiling, you must purchase a little bit of extra tiles for future repairs, especially if you are buying styles that could be discontinued someday. Discontinued tiles are priced lower since they will no longer be available; just make sure to buy an extra box or two for future needs.

4. Paint your bathroom walls a neutral color, add some accessories such as white fluffy towels, change out cabinetry knobs, towel racks ect; Re-use existing cabinets, toilets, bathtubs and shower doors if they are still in good condition. You can refurbish or refinish them to make them look good again. Do not buy a new mirror if your existing one still works, you can frame it to make it look attractive.

5. Go to yard sales, check out road side Spring clean up events, check online deals through e-bay or Kijiji websites to locate pieces that you can use for your bathroom renovation. For example, claw foot tubs are inexpensive when you buy them at yard sales as opposed to going to antique dealers or to a store that has already restored them. You can also use an old dresser or chest of drawers that you can turn into a sink by drilling holes for your fixtures and plumbing. They would look better than those manufactured cabinets you see at home improvement stores.

What are Client's are Saying...

Smooth, Efficient installation..all old material removed.

G Robertson
Dartmouth, NS - 2015 - New Bathtub installed.

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