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Acrylic Liners Vs Replacement: How You Could End Up Paying More For Less

The alarm goes off. You lay bleary-eyed from another sleepless night staring into the darkness. No sunlight creeps through the curtains. It won’t rise for hours on this cold winter morning. You linger here, the blaring alarm seems distant as though it were only the last fading wisps of a dream. You know you should rise, but you are lost amid your own gnawing thoughts. Against all reason, you cannot bring yourself to leave the bed, not while it is so close. It is waiting just steps away, at the end of the hall, in the next room, maybe behind that closed door in your bedroom. Lurking just out of sight.

Steeling yourself you rise, taking measured deliberate steps toward the source of your anxieties. You stop outside of the doorway, unable to yet cross the threshold. Bracing one hand on the door you draw a deep breathe as though submerging into endless depths. Pushing it open the familiar shadowed outlines come into view. You wish that you could go about this affair in darkness but you know too well that it cannot be. Flipping the switch, the full scope of horrors comes to life!

Yellowed linoleum races toward your feet, threatening to crawl up your legs covering you with it's faded surface. The corners of aged wallpaper reach down in tattered wisps. The once bright floral pattern faded into the dusty hue of an unkempt lot of an abandoned home. The toilets furred lid sits open, gaping like the rust-streaked maw of some porcelain creature. But undeniable amidst all the rest, like a terrible crowning jewel from a darker age, the tub lies waiting for you. Its quarters are cramped and stifling. It’s colour a historical record, achievable without lead paint. Every surface mildewed and worn. Beckoning you forward you know you must obey.  

Sounds familiar? Might be time for a renovation.

There must be a better way.

Rest easy my friends, this story does not have to suffer a bitter ending. There are options to make that old depressing bathroom beautiful again. If you are unhappy with your bathroom, and particularly with your tub or shower, you might be thinking that the quick and easy solution is to pop an acrylic liner over the old tub. Out of sight, out of mind. While there is no denying that this is an effective solution, you might be putting more out of mind than you know.

Acrylic liners are a suitable solution if you are satisfied with the size and depth of your current tub, as they are custom made to fit the dimensions of the existing tub. They will allow you to choose any colour and style but the aesthetic limitations are not the real cause for concern. If your bathroom looks anything like the one described above then it’s safe to assume your home wasn’t built yesterday, and in a older home you might be covering up more than an ugly tub with that liner.  

Acrylic liners provide a convenient solution to an ugly tub. But are they right for you?

What Lies Beneath.

Like anything, plumbing does not last forever. Over the years, pipes can become blocked, seals will deteriorate, valves no longer hold under pressure. This is the unfortunate reality and all things in the home will require maintenance and repair on occasion. However, the plumbing in your bathroom is often not easily accessible, and should it require attention, consider yourself lucky if you can get away with an unsightly hole in your wall. Many times the entire tub will have to be removed to get at the troublesome area. This is not the idle scenario to face with torrents of water rushing out into the hallway. 

If you don’t want to reenact your favourite scene from The Shining then may we recommend that when you decide to update your bathroom, you opt to replace the old tub with a shiny new one. The cost is only a marginal difference and a full replacement can often be completed in one day. Not only will a new tub or shower offer you the full suite of choices for customization of style and sizing, but we will get to take a look at the structures underneath. 

During a tub replacement we can inspect plumbing & the surround floor & walls for existing or potential issues.

Approaching Problems, Hidden Costs

When we pull out an old tub you truly never know what you are going to find. Thankfully most times all is well. However just about anything could be waiting underneath. Rotten floorboards, corroded copper pipes, busted flanges, improper repairs from the previous owners just barely hanging on, it’s a grab bag of potential issues under there.

But when we get to see underneath we know we aren’t going to find anything that we can’t handle. We know bathrooms floor to ceiling, so whatever the problem we’ve got the solution. With the old tub removed it’s the best time to check for issues that might arise down the road. No point in having a custom liner installed over a tub that falls through the floor a month later because you didn't know that over the years a small leak had rotted the floorboards.

Don't get caught with an unexpected, costly repair. 
Catch problems before they happen.

If you are thinking about a new tub or shower please don’t hesitate to book an in-home assessment with us. It’s no cost to you and you won’t be pressured to buy. But you will get our expert opinion on the state of your bathroom.

If you want to know more, grab a copy of the Bathroom Renovation Guide. It’s a free eBook that has everything you need to know about bathroom renovations before you get started.

Let’s make your bath beautiful together.


What is a Wet room?
Wet Rooms are waterproofed bathroom rooms typically equipped with a walk in shower. The wet room itself becomes the shower enclosure, with a shower drain inset into a gently sloped floor in place of a usual shower base. This means that wet rooms have to be fully waterproofed to prevent leaks so this may not be a DIY install. It would be best to have a professional company like Beautiful-baths to do the job for peace of mind and a warranty.
Wet rooms are very practical for people with mobility issues as they eliminate the need to step up into a shower cubicle and over a sometimes steep threshold. They are also considered to be very stylish and so if you want to create a cool, modern look in your bathroom, they could be a good option to consider because there are plenty of design options available.
Another reason wet rooms are popular is because they can help you to save space if you only have a small bathroom. They mean that you don’t need to have a shower cubicle, which can constrict movement in a small room, and you don’t need a bathtub if you don’t want to. Wet room can also be handy for bathing pets which some home owners with dogs like.





Top Ten Bathroom Staging Tips
Bathrooms are equal with kitchens in terms of selling a home. They’ve become more than just places to bathe, they’re seen as a retreat for relaxation similar to ones at luxurious hotels or spas.
Bathrooms are often viewed by a prospective home buyer as being expensive rooms to renovate. If they don’t see a appealing bathroom then they will automatically see dollar signs to update it that will come off their offer price or else it can stop them from putting in an offer! For these reasons it is very important to pay attention to your bathroom when your home is up for sale.
Here are my tips on staging your bathroom for the market
1. Clean from top to bottom!
No one likes the idea of bathing in someone Else’s dirt. The bathroom is a high moisture area where germs thrive if not cleaned regularly. When staging your bathroom get out the cleaning gloves and clean every surface from top to bottom. Scrub down those bathroom tiles, wash or change out shower curtains. Once you’ve finished cleaning, keep it clean.
2. Carpets, Toilet Mats :
Carpets may be soft under foot but they hold onto moisture and odors and simply do not belong in a bathroom . Replace carpet with tiles or vinyl flooring. Remove those fuzzy toilet seat covers, tank covers and contoured mats in front of the toilet as they are considered germ traps and old-fashioned.
If you have a window to your bathroom, clean it thoroughly, pull back the curtains or raise the blind too allow maximum light in .If you have a window over your bathtub area consider having beautiful-baths install a beautiful easy to clean bathroom vinyl shutter.
4. Clear Clutter and DE-personalize :
Remove all personal care items .No one wants to see your razor and soap. Leaving stuff on show distracts buyers as they start to see your lifestyle and not the bathroom.
5. Bathroom Tile & Grout
If the tiles are in good condition and the color works then give them a thorough scrub,. If not contact a company like beautiful-baths to refinish them in a nice glossy white glaze. If the grout is in good condition but discolored then use good old bleach & a tooth brush to bring the whiteness back (wear protective goggles & gloves) .If the grout has cracked and fallen out, pay a company like beautiful-baths to re-tile or re-grout, it will make the tiles look good as new.
6. Mold, Mildew & Mustiness
There is nothing worse than walking into a bathroom that has a musty smell to greet you and small patches of ceiling mold , a mildew bathmat or shower curtain .. If you’ve got mold, investigate by – checking that your ceiling fan is working properly. If you do not have one call a company like beautiful-baths to install one for you and to investigate band leaks and repair them then repaint (use a mold inhibiting paint). Mildew items like bathmats, old flannels, stained shower curtains & face cloths or damp mops and cleaning items should be tossed in the garbage and replaced.
7. Faucets , tub spouts and Shower Heads:
These are prone to scale ,rust and soap scum build up that looks unattractive. Use a quality De-scaler like CLR and bring the shine back to those chrome or metal finishes. Shower heads collect grime over the years so remove them from their fittings and clean them. Use an old toothbrush to really get into the nooks & crannies. If fittings are beyond cleaning, perhaps the metal has worn away, then consider calling a bathroom company like beautiful-baths to install new Moen pressure balanced faucets.
8.Misc fixtures:
As always finish off any maintenance that you have left such as refitting the broken shower curtain, bathroom light fixtures, bathroom towel bars , shelves etc. touch up baseboards. Buyers will see unfinished touches and knock hundreds off the asking price as a result.
9. Attractive Accessories & Smells:

After you have depersonalized your bathroom invest in some attractive bath oils, colorful scented soaps, and candles that will infuse the air with a clean smell. Purchase a fluffy set of towels that work with your color scheme. Add some bathroom loving plants that are appropriate to the space you have. In larger bathrooms palms can work well, in smaller bathrooms a small plant will work better..
10. Keep It Clean & Tidy: Continue reading


Have you like me, been experiencing the winter blahs? Well, spring has officially sprung and we all know what that means – time for our annual spring cleaning. Along with the usual spring cleaning tasks, many homeowners have the responsibility of updating and repairing things around their homes.
As more and more homeowners choose to stay at their current residence rather than purchase a new home, many are looking at various home improvement projects to improve the efficiency of their home as well aesthetics to protect their investment. One of the most visited rooms in a home is the bathroom.
A bathroom renovation is reported to provide the highest return on your investment and with spring around the corner, it is the ideal time to revitalize the look of your bathroom before the summer heat hits and visitors come knocking.
Being motivated to a complete a bathroom remodelling project when it’s so beautiful outside can be a challenge especially when all you really want to do is spend time with friends and family doing the things you love to do after such a drab winter.
Let the bathroom specialists at Beautiful baths remodelling eliminate that burden and help make your bathroom remodelling project a stress free and easy one. We can offer many solutions for your budget and best of all, you can trust beautiful baths to do all the work efficiently and professionally while you are out enjoying Spring with loved ones.
To begin the process simply contact Beautiful baths for a free in home estimate .Our professional bathroom consultants will visit and help you create the bathroom of your dreams on your budget.


If you’re tackling a complete bathroom renovation, faucets seems almost unimportant in the grand scheme of things. But you should put the same thought into choosing your new bathroom sink faucet as you do that marble counter top or vessel sink, including understanding how your sink choices affect your faucet options. If you just want to perk up a tired old bathroom, a new faucet is a great and functional way to do it.
You may be shocked at the price of some bathroom sink faucets, but paying for quality now can save you a lot of future aggravation ,searching and paying for a plumber, or new faucets later. Look for solid-brass construction instead of plated metal, and check the warranty. If you need to pinch pennies, consider a different finish. Polished chrome is one of the most popular finishes because of its timeless color and least expensive price tag.

Bathroom sink faucets come in four basic varieties, based on the configuration of the sink on which they’re mounted: 8 inches, also called widespread; 4 inches; single hole; and wall mount. The first three can be mounted on the sink deck. If your sink has holes for a faucet, measure the span between the centers of the two outermost holes to determine which kind of faucet you need. If you have an under mounted or a vessel sink, you can choose a wall-mount faucet or put a deck-mounted faucet in the vanity counter top.
If you’re remodeling or just updating a tired bathroom, you can avoid busting the budget by keeping the same type of sink or by choosing one that can use the same kind of faucet. This will keep down your plumbing labour costs.

Most of the 8-inch or widespread faucets have three pieces, the tap and the hot and cold handles, which means some 8-inch faucets can fit holes not exactly 8 inches apart.
If the span is 4 inches, a 4-inch faucet is what you need. These usually have a base and come in one solid piece. Another option is a 4-inch mini-widespread — a seeming contradiction in terms — that comes in three pieces, like an 8-inch widespread, but it will fit a smaller bathroom sink with a shorter spread. Again, some of the mini-widespread models can be used with less-than-standard measurements.
Single-hole faucets have one stem and may have a single lever to control the water flow and temperature, or they may have two handles attached to a single spout. Either way, it needs only one hole for installation.
For a vessel sink, you can choose either a wall mount or a deck mount, and drill the appropriate holes in either the wall or the counter, respectively following the manufacturer’s guidelines but remaining flexible when it comes to vessel sinks and their faucets.
Some general rules for a wall-mount faucet .It should have a long enough tap to reach over the sink — ideally with the spout above the center of the bowl — and the tap should have a minimum of 1-inch clearance above the sink rim.

Configuration isn’t the only faucet decision you’ll need to consider. Design variations abound with today’s bathroom sink faucets, providing a great opportunity for coordinating with your other choices. Is your bathroom contemporary, rustic or traditional? As you can see, manufacturers offer products in all of these styles.

Your faucets should match or complement the tub faucets as well as other hardware in your bathroom, such as towel racks, hooks and the toilet paper holder. Choosing from a manufacturer’s design series can take away the guesswork when making your decisions.
If you don’t opt for exact matches between all your plumbing fixtures, stick with the same finish or color. And that brings you to an array of choices, from chrome, to polished or brushed nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, brass, copper or even colors. Whichever you choose, consider how it will look with all your other design choices and pay close attention to the manufacturer’s warranty.
And, finally, like any other remodeling choice, you’ll be living with your bathroom faucet for a long time. So pick one you love.
By Jenny Nash

Beautiful Luxurious Bathroom Design Features

Does your Bathroom inspire you?  Do you wish your Bathroom made you feel pampered, similar to that feeling you experience at high end hotels?

 Beautiful Baths remodeling of Dartmouth, NS   believes that you deserve to feel that wonderful everyday but, in your own home. It is be easier than you think to transform your 70’s Bathroom into a  Bathroom Spa Oasis.

Beautiful Baths offers 108 Bathroom Design color choices and are always keeping up with Bathroom Design trends while still keeping things affordable. Let us help you design the Beautiful Spa Bathroom of your dreams or, if you are a skilled trades person you can follow some of my tips for adding some luxury to your bathroom yourself.

1. Heated Floors. Do consider investing in, having In-floor Radiant Heat installed under your Bathroom floor tiles. It’s really easy to do, inexpensive and your feet will love you for it especially in the cold winter months here in NS.

2.  Install An Electric Bath Towel Warmer.  These can simply plug in , be wired in or you can purchase one with a built in timer .Nothing feels more luxurious than wrapping oneself in a heated towel or bathrobe when stepping out of the bath or shower.

3. Install A New Bathtub.  If you are a person who values a nice soak after an exhausting day at work but have one of those older style 12-14”  steel enameled bathtubs then consider investing in  a new Soaker Tub . Today’s Soaker Tubs  offer a deep 21” or more for a truly relaxing soak, with a beautiful sloped back and arm rests for comfort. For a true spa experience and if your budget allows , you may wish to consider the additional options such as , adding air jets, water jets, a heated back rest, wave features or Chromotherapy (color light) therapy. Basically the sky’s the limit in Beautiful Baths design.




4. Install A Steam or Jet Shower.  Are you a shower person? Create a home spa with a steam unit.  Beautiful Baths Remodeling offers a variety of sizes custom designed to fit perfectly especially in your chosen space.  Also, there are many luxurious shower heads that can make you feel as though you are showing in the tropical rain forest with heat, steam or water pulsating on you from every angle.  Adjustable height requirements within a family can be met with adding an adjustable sliding bar so you all can enjoy a luxurious shower. If you decide to install a shower and Bath tub combination then be sure to install a simple take down hand-held shower head.. This comes in very handy rinsing children’s hair when bathing as well as bathtub cleaning.

5. Toilet and Bidets. Nothing says Luxury like a beautiful European Bidet or sleek looking toiletBeautiful Baths offers many beautiful sleek, easy to clean, right height, wheel chair accessible, eco –friendly toilets as well as, Bidets. You can also create a true luxurious feeling by adding a heated toilet seat, automatic flush system and internal washing system and a self closing toilet seat.

 6. Lighting. Consider both aesthetics as well as, functionality .You will need brighter lighting over the sink and mirror areas for applying makeup or shaving. A ceiling light over the shower or bathtub is nice especially if you opt for a bathtub and shower area with a roof cap that can be dark and claustrophobic feeling or maybe you like to read while enjoying a nice soak .Ceiling fixtures or wall sconces give great overall light and if you add dimmer switches you can add ambiance similar to candlelight.

 7. Vanities. Vanities are becoming more of a focal point in nicely designed luxurious bathrooms. The color and styles choices are endless .Popular ones for a spa feel are often open shelved style or custom made ones for corners or odd angels to maximize space. Many people are remodeling furniture pieces to accommodate a sink or two.. Beautiful baths remodeling of Dartmouth works with master cabinet makers to design the cabinet to best suit your space and needs.

8. Beautiful Bathroom Mirrors. Mirrors can add drama; create openness and space as well as, provide functionality. A piece of simple wood moulding painted and glued together can frame a mirror beautifully.  For real Luxury you can purchase Beautiful Bathroom Fogless Mirrors-.Fogless mirrors help prevent the fog created by steam hitting the mirror. It is a great luxury for the daily routine of getting ready for work.

9. Entertainment in the Bathroom- Televisions and radios are now making their way into Beautiful Baths. The technology is even there to build the TV into the mirror so that it can only be seen when the TV is on. This is a great feature to add to a bathroom once soaking in the bathtub.

10. Finishing touches: The overall feel of luxury is tied into the finishing touches. Add a splash of wall color, repair wall and baseboard nicks and select finishing touches like a new curved crescent shower rod by beautiful baths , a shower curtain and fresh luxurious towel sets .

Also, do not forget to think about what style and finish of sink faucets, bath and shower faucets, towel racks, grab bars, and cabinet knobs you want to use. The large variety of finishes available from Beautiful Baths Remodeling includes a modern looks white,  nickel, polished stainless steel, brushed stainless steel, chrome, and old world looks in copper, brass , bronze and rubbed oil bronze. It’s important that everything flows nicely.

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Leigha was fabulous! Jamie was friendly and very efficient! Great Experience!

C Chisolm
Lr Sackville, 2015 - New Soaker tub installed

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