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Beautiful Baths Team

Our fully trained staff operate in the key areas around Halifax, Dartmouth, Kentville & Truro. If we can help with your bath or shower projects please call one of the local numbers below or 1-800-655-8088 for free quotes or advice

Tom – Beautiful Baths Installer
Tom has worked with us as well for years and is very knowledgeable with all area’s of the business.   His specialty is with the restoring of the bathtubs with our Kott Koating process but he is also very skilled with plumbing and other parts of the renovation process. Ask Tom about his home on the south shore… his retreat away from town.
Jamie – Beautiful Baths Installer
Jamie is celebrating working with us for 10 years and has earned thousands of written positive comments and testimonials from our customers. Jamie loves his Mooseheads (he is an eternal optimist!).

Andrew – Beautiful Baths Installer Assistant
Andrew is the guy who floats around from job to job helping out where needed. He is learning the ropes as they say while he is also learning the ropes at Saint Mary’s.  He is an avid Chef ( he actually has his certificate from NSCC) and loves to cook. You could say he is like family because, well,  he’s our son!
 Darcy – Beautiful Baths Installer
Darcy has many years of renovation experience including extensive plumbing. Like everyone working with us here at Beautiful Baths, Darcy is very friendly and happy to answer any questions…Darcy is originally from the west coast but we have adopted him into our Maritime family here.

Paul – Beautiful Baths Installer

Paul has extensive experience with Renovations and is also a great guy to have in your home…   he loves his music… ask him about his band…he might try to sell you one of his cd’s!

Roger – Beautiful Baths Installer

Roger has worked in renovations for years and has a great record of customer satisfaction because he does quality of work  that shows… and he is a great guy to have in your home as he is very easy going. We won’t hold it against him that he is also from Pictou county originally ( just kidding!)  but he and his family have grown up in Cole Harbour… he’d be happy to tell you about his days growing up in Pictou county!

Kenton Bell - Office Manager

Leigha – Customer Service Manager

Leigha has worked with us for several years and is very knowledgeable in all area’s of the renovation process.   She loves to work with homeowners to help them put together the plans for their bathroom bring together the practical plumbing know how with the whole design process.She is another Pictou county native on our team (we won’t hold that against her…. just kidding, lol)

Kenton Bell – Office Manager

 Kenton is a very detailed guy and very personable…. ask him about his drum world as he not only plays drums (he is fantastic!) but he also has a very unique drum making business on the side…. Ask him about his many travels as he has toured with many bands as he is also a “drum Tech” and travelled for most of his young life


Chris and Tori Bowie

Chris and Tori Bowie are partners in Beautiful Baths Renovation and in life. They bring many years of experience to the table in all areas in bathroom renovation and are actively involved in the day to day running of the business. They are hands on owners and are proud not to be a franchise. They are very proud of their record servicing customers and their A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

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I Would recommend to anyone … guys were nice , polite & very helpful!

S Coldwell
Wolfville - New tub installed - 2015

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In Halifax: 434-8088
In Kentville: 365-8088
Truro: 843-3310
Toll Free: 1-800-655-8088