Christmas Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Christmas will be exciting this year in our home thanks to our very excited 4 yr-old grand daughter.  She has had a hand in all the decorating this year and she has not spared even our guest bathroom.

Here are some handy tips to guide you in decorating your bathroom for the holidays.

1.      Holiday Pictures:

  • While the bathroom area may have limited wall space, you can simply change out your existing pictures with holiday ones. In our home we have hundreds of great Holiday shots from over the years. We simply place them in frames and hang them up.
  • If you have a certain theme or a color scheme then purchase some pictures that reflect the theme you want to use. Check charity shops as they usually receive lots of donations every holiday season. If you lack wall space, then hang a colourful Christmas shower curtain.

2.      Floor Rugs:

  • I have tiled floors in my bathroom and stepping on a nice plush rug is wonderful on a cold day. Your guests will also thank-you.
  • There are great deals on Holiday themed rugs this time of year.

Our bathrooms contains a plush snowman bathroom rug however, if you want a more sophisticated holiday theme then choose a nice plush rug in a color that matches your existing color theme.

 3.      Lighting

  • Light up your bathroom for Christmas with some beautiful candles. If you use candles select ones with a Christmas scent, such pine. Cinnamon or evergreen .There is endless possibilities even battery operated ones.
  • Christmas is the perfect time to add some extra sparkle in your bathroom with hanging wall candles or wall sconces, Christmas night lights or there are plug in style lighted plants such as poinsettias.  .

4.      Christmas Accessories

  • Tuck away your everyday items such as tooth brushes, soap dispensers ect;  and add some holiday cheer with Christmas hand towels and washcloths to really brighten up your bathroom.
  • There are many holiday soaps and even decorated holiday tissue boxes, hand sanitizer available to buy during the holidays.
  • For that Christmas smell place a beautiful bowl filled with Christmas potpourri and set it on your bathroom counter top.

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