Full Size Bathtubs Pose a Safety Concern for Homeowners with Mobility Issues in Nova Scotia

For a homeowner with mobility issues stepping over the side of a bathtub can pose a serious concern. The threat of slipping or falling while unbalanced is a real fear, especially if they are the only ones at home.

Homeowners facing this situation generally no longer use their tub for baths. They may use an antiskid mat or stool inside the tub to provide more safety while washing.

It’s becoming extremely popular for homes to renovate their shower and bath area to accommodate those with mobility issues. People suffering from mobility issues have an increased sense of security when they no longer need to step over an 18”-24” tub wall.

Nova Scotia Bathroom renovation specialist, Beautiful Baths, has seen a big spike in accessibility bathroom renovations in the past few years, and not just for the elderly. Many are for those that have mobility issues whether it be from injury, back troubles or arthritis.

Popular Accessibility Renovation Options

Most tubs in Nova Scotia homes are 5’ in length. Removing the old tube and replacing it with a walk-in shower base is the most popular accessibility renovation.

The barrier someone with mobility issues is required to get over and into the shower area can be as little as 1”. Far easier to get in and out of on your own when compared with a traditional bathtub.

KEY TAKEAWAY: Swapping your old tub for an accessible shower fitting is a quick renovation to create an accessible shower area. The height of the barrier to get into and out of the shower can be as low as 1" or less.

Grab bars and benches are popular additions for increased comfort and security. Grab bars are installed directly into the studs ensuring they are secure and can handle any accidental slips or falls that could occur.

Handheld showers are a popular option as they can be used standing up or sitting down.

Popular add-ons for accessible renovations:

Wall mounted grab bars

Handheld shower heads

Wall affixed benches or stools

Customized shelving systems

Don't Sacrifice Style For Accessibility

While the home may be getting rid of the bathtub, it doesn’t have to give up on style. There are a variety of wall materials such as textured acrylic or ceramic tile to choose from, and the shower and faucet hardware can be selected to suit the style of the rest of the bathroom.

Cost & Timeframe For An Accessibility Renovation

Cost of an accessibility renovation ranges from $3500 and up. The cost is greatly determined by the materials you would like used when your old tub is removed and replaced. For example, acrylic walls take less time and are less expensive than ceramic tile.

Beautiful Baths offers risk-free in-home consultations to explain your options and design a customized quote for the home.

The time it takes to complete your renovation can be as little as just one day, even removing your old bathtub and walls.

Complimentary In-Home Consultation and Estimate Beautiful Baths offers risk-free in-home consultations to explain your options and design a customized quote for your home. 

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