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    Therapy Tubs' walk-in bathtubs are designed for comfort, safety and easy access and make bathing a peaceful experience, rather than a stressful one. We believe that taking a bath should be the ultimate comfort, and that is why our product is the best quality available on the market, and assures a worry-free experience. Luxuriating in one of Therapy Tubs' step in bathtubs is the perfect ending to a long day!

    Our Walk-In tubs feature an extremely comfortable, built in contoured seat. The seat is 17 inches high, so the bather should never have any trouble getting down or up. Bathing can be enjoyed without a struggle to stand or sit.

    Therapy Tubs' elite Walk-In bathtubs are at minimum twice as deep as normal tubs, and as such afford the bather the opportunity to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of having their entire torso submerged in water. There is nothing as relaxing and rejuvenating as a deep soak in warm water.

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    Walk-In Bath

    Topaz 2645 Walk-In Bathtub

    Dimensions (L/W/H):
    45" x 26" x 39½"
    Seat Height: 17"
    Seat Dimensions (L/W/H):
    12.5" x 16" x 17"
    Water Fill: 45 gallons
    Colors: White, Biscuit

    Product Features: Welded Stainless Steel Frame, High Gloss Gelcoat Finish, Faucet Set w/Handheld Shower Unit,
    Models available: Soaker, Air Massage System, Hydro Massage System, Air & Hydro Massage System
    Product Description: One of our most popular walk in baths, this model fits in the smallest of spaces. It is designed to easily replace an existing small shower stall, and fit through narrow bathroom doors.

    The Topaz 2645 Walk-In Bathtub is a space saving 26" wide, 45" long and 39½ tall. This stylish walk in bath affords the opportunity to soak and relax in a deep, compact step in tub. The bather can enjoy an extra 3.5” inches of soaking depth compared to a normal 36" tall walkin bathtub. Additionally, the flexible, folding door makes it easy to get in, sit down and easily close the door.

    The stylish design of this walk in tub will compliment any décor.
    All Therapy Tubs are shipped complete with chrome fixtures, hand sprayer and waste and overflow.

    Topaz 2645 Walk-In Bathtub

    Walk Thru bathtub

    Creat a Walk Thru shower out of your existign bathtub


    (also available with a door)

    Walk Thru bathtub

    Safeway Safety Step Door to Tub

    Add A Door to Your Tub - Safeway Tub Door


    The Safeway Tub Door® is a product and installation method designed to provide an economical renovation option for individuals and facilities interested in easier access into the bathtub area.

    Installation of the Safeway Tub Door® includes cutting a section of the existing tub and custom fitting the resulting opening with a Safeway Tub Door®. The Safeway Tub Door® can be installed in most types of bathtubs, including - fiberglass, steel or even cast iron! The Safeway Tub Door® is a perfect option to retrofit your bath tub into a walk in shower.

    Benefits and features of the Safeway Tub Door® include:

    • Installed for just $1,495!
    • Adds a water-tight sealable door to your existing tub.
    • Eliminates the need to rip out the existing tub. Installed in the existing tub.
    • Provides easier access into bath/shower area.
    • Reduces the possibilities of falls.
    • Typically Installed in less than one day.
    • Cost to install products is a fraction of the cost compared to expensive bathroom remodeling job.
    • Inexpensive and ideal solution for personal residences, senior housing, hotels and other locations.

    Product Specifications:

    • Creates a pass through 17 inches wide and approximately 9 inches deep.
    • The Safeway Tub Door® uses a compression latch to secure the door in a closed position.
    • Door is hinged on either right or left side to allow for greater accessibility.
    • Three (3) sizes based on tub rail/wall allow the Safeway Tub Door® to be utilized in most bathtubs.

    Safeway Safety Step Door to Tub